Tutoring Opportunities

Tutoring Opportunities

Looking to gain some experience and references for you tutoring business? Maybe you just want to do some good and give back to the community. Here are a few opportunities:

SWIFT in Schulenburg, TX.: Check out their website and see if you’re interested in their programs. A recent news article states that they are looking for tutors and, if you are interested, you can call the SWIFT office at 979-743-4600, ext. 02.

Literacy Volunteers of the Lowcountry in South Carolina.: You can visit their website or call 843-815-6616. A recent news article talks about a couple’s experience with tutoring English to Spanish speaking people through this oganization. They said they are even learning to speak Spanish from their students so it looks like a great way to brush up on your Spanish skills too!

Reading Power, Inc. in North Chicago, IL.: This nonprofit tutoring organization serves “low-achieving” children in North Chicago elementary schools. THey have a lot of cool notes from the students on their website as well as more information about their company and services. A brief press release tells about how they have named Frank Sibley as their newest member on the board of directors. It also states that you can contact Executive Director Rebecca Mullen at 815-867-7476 for information on becoming a tutor.

Have fun!

I hope this information helps someone to discover some new opportunities. If this post has helped you or if you are interested in seeing more posts like this about tutoring opportunities around the country, please let me know in the comments!

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