How to Start Tutoring Launches! Launches!

Hello everyone!

Today marks the official launch of How to Start Tutoring! This website and blog will be my vehicle for sharing everything I’ve learned about tutoring over the past 4 years of tutoring as both a volunteer and as a independent, for-profit tutor. The focus of my writings on this blog will be primarily from a business and motivational lens but I will also have some occasional articles about techniques for the actual act of tutoring. That may shift in the future however. Who knows?

My goals are to inspire teachers, college students, and working professionals to start working part-time for themselves to earn some extra money tutoring. Tutoring is a very rewarding job that connects you with interesting people and provides the satisfaction of knowing that you’ve helped somebody. Good tutors, just like good teachers, have the opportunity to inspire students and have a lasting, positive impact on the lives of students of all ages.

If tutoring is something you have been wanting to do, I’m here to help get you started and also to help you continue to improve your services from a business perspective. Let’s get started!

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