How to Start A Tutoring Business

How to Start a Tutoring Business
How to Start a Tutoring Business

This website is dedicated to helping you to, step-by-step, start your own tutoring business! You will also learn how to use free tools to attract new tutoring clients, how to charge what you’re worth (which is probably much more than you think!), and how to take care of all the business and administrative details.

You don’t need to put any money into your business upfront. Instead, save the profits from your tutoring and use those to cover the costs of any business-related expenses you choose to incur in the future. If it turns out that you do not like tutoring or you cannot continue to perform your services, then you have lost nothing!

Starting Your Tutoring Business

The first thing you want to do is get your first clients and find out whether or not a tutoring business is good for you and your goals. Three of my blog posts to start with are How to Write a Good Craigslist Ad, The Free Tutoring Lesson Strategy, and How to Create the Ultimate Sales Tool. The ultimate sales tool will require you to have some prior experience or connections but if you don’t have any yet, please don’t let that stop you! Ask for written testimonials after your free lesson so you can start building up a portfolio even if those leads don’t become clients. You can also start building your portfolio by volunteering to tutor on reddit!

Go ahead and follow those directions before you move on. This information is useless if you don’t use it!

Preparing Your Tutoring Business For Success

Now that you have your basic marketing tools setup, make sure you know What to Ask Clients on the First Meeting and what details you should track for tax purposes.

Improving your Tutoring Business

If your business is already somewhat established, check out our tutoring business resources to see if there is anything available that could help you improve and streamline your systems.

Good Luck and Best Wishes!

P.S. – If you’re a college student, I’ve made a video overview on how to start a tutoring business. I’ve been told that it’s helpful even if you’re not a college student too!

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