How to Get on the Tutor List for School Districts

How to Get on Tutoring Lists at Schools

This is easy.

Most, if not all, school districts keep a list of tutors on hand for school counselors to refer students to if the counselor thinks the student will benefit from tutoring. Get yourself on this list! It’s easy and it’s free, you just have to make a phone call.

Here are the steps:

  1. Make a list of all the schools in your general area.
  2. Find the number for all the schools (specifically the counseling office’s number).
  3. Call each number and request to be put on the tutor list.

It’s that simple

For the school counselors in at my old schools, I hand wrote letters and sent them via snail mail for a personal touch. Do whichever way you prefer because as long as you’re on the list it doesn’t matter too much how you got there. Be prepared to answer questions such as what subject you tutor and what your rates are. If you’re not sure what your rate should be, check out this post, particularly item number 3. The post is geared towards college students but the principles are universally applicable to people looking to start tutoring.

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