Great Resource to Save you Hundreds on Taxes!

Save Money on Taxes for Your Tutoring Business

Taxes don’t need to be intimidating, especially for us self-employed tutors! We actually have it pretty easy when it comes to record keeping compared to other professions. I just finished reading an awesome introductory book on taxes by June Walker called Self-employed Tax Solutions. It’s written specifically for people like you and me who work for themselves (even if it’s part time!) and don’t know a whole lot about taxes.

The best part about this book is the system that June Walker teaches you for keeping good records. That means saving all receipts, creating your own receipts when you realize you forgot to get one, and taking photos when necessary. There are a lot of things that we can deduct as business expenses that you wouldn’t realize if you hadn’t read Walker’s book. For example, if you tutor Writing and you have various magazines that you subscribe to, you can most likely deduct the cost of those subscriptions because they can be considered research for making you a better writer (you can study styles in the magazines)!

If you’re serious about tutoring and you want to make it easy to legally and ethically maximize your tax deductions, you need to read June Walker’s book. Pick up a copy at your local library or snag it off of Amazon. Start using her “Most Simple System” as soon as possible!

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