About HowToStartTutoring

I created this blog as a means to share everything I’ve learned about the business of tutoring over the years of studying business and business-related topics. There are a lot of good tips and tricks here that I haven’t seen online before back when I was starting to learn, so I think there’s a lot of value here for tutors and I hope you’ll agree! My goal for this site is to help others to make the most money they deserve from doing what they’re passionate about; teaching.

Personally, I am a Teachers Aide at Mary Cariola Children’s Center (the best special education school on the planet!) by day and a tutor by night. I’ve been tutoring for over 4 years now. I also enjoy reading, writing, playing basketball, and playing video games.


As a disclaimer, I am an affiliate of Amazon and the links that take you to Amazon.com from my site will all be affiliate links. I’ll only recommend products that I have personally used (or read if it’s a book) and loved.

Also, your email address will be kept private. I won’t sell it or rent it or whatever else people can do to abuse your trust and contact information.

Thanks for visiting my site and I hope it is helpful to you! Feel free to email me with any questions or concerns: paul@howtostarttutoring.com