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Thank You Reddit!

Thank you Reddit!

The “iNeedATutor” subreddit has just added this site to its resources sidebar so first and foremost I’d like to thank the moderators of r/iNeedATutor: jhudson3, shamefullycreative, j_s_lebach, cheesecake966, iseeyoutroll, authorblues, and BigFriendlyRobot!

So what exactly is reddit? Reddit is ‘the front page of the Internet’ where user-generated news is linked to. Votes promote stories to the front page. What is so compelling to me about reddit is all of the diverse subreddits, or categories, that the site’s news is divided into. You can subscribe to different subreddits to suit your tastes and interests. Clearly, one of the subreddits I subscribe to is r/iNeedATutor and you should check it out!

Why Should I Care?

If you need to build your portfolio or practice your tutoring skills, reddit is a great place to do some pro bono work online in your spare time. There is a lot of potential to build a large portfolio of reviews and recommendations via reddit in a relatively short amount of time.

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